Map Data Explorer

iOS and Android App

Map Data Explorer is a powerful advanced mapping & field data collection app powered by speedy MapBox Map and vector tiles

✔ Powerful 2D/3D mapping app that is simple to use

✔ Fast & responsible map powered by Vector Tiles (base maps and overlays)

✔ Tilt the map Visualize 3D Terrain & View 3D Buildings

✔ Digitize/Draw/Edit vector features – save as GeoJSON

✔ Data Collection forms with JSON schema and form designer

✔ Attribute Table/Grid with Search

Map Tools


🗸 Search – places, addresses

🗸 Advanced forms with form builder

🗸 Draw/Digitize Data Creation and Editing

🗸 Information Box for GeoJSON data

🗸 Measure linear and Area Distance

🗸 Geolocation & Coordinate Widget

🗸 Go to Lat Long Coordinates (Move the Map)

🗸 Placemarks (spatial bookmarks)

🗸 View Spot Elevation

🗸 Display Military Symbology (App6/MilSpec2525C)

🗸 Display Location in MGRS – Military Grid Reference System

🗸 Radius Ruler/Range Rings

🗸 Coordinate Converter to/from many formats and Grids (MGRS & GARS)


Vector GIS Data Coordinates and Attributes/Properties



  • Vector Tiles
  • Raster Tiles
  • Elevation/Terrain Tiles (Terrain-RGB)

OGC GPKG -GeoPackage Raster Tiles 3857 only

OpenMapTiles/MapTiler Data equivalent OSM vector tiles Styles/basemaps

Support for Online Map Data:

🗸 Raster Tile Basemaps and Vector Tile Basemaps

🗸 Raster Tiles (XYZ and OGC WMTS)

🗸 PBF Vector Tiles with stylesheet

🗸 Online hosted GeoJSON

🗸  Coming soon… dynamic and cached online mapping services

(ESRI mapserver, featureserver, imageServer, VectorTileServer and OGC WMS, WFS,WMTS)

WIFI Share


Range Rings

Military Symbology

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