Map Data Explorer

iOS and, Android App

Powerful 2D/3D mapping app that is simple to use

Fast & responsible map powered by Vector Tiles (base maps and overlays)

Tilt the map Visualize 3D Terrain & View 3D Buildings

Digitize/Draw vector features

Data Collection forms and Attribute Table/Grid with Search

Map Tool


🗸 Search – places, addresses

🗸 Advanced forms with form builder

🗸 Draw/Digitize Data Creation and Editing

🗸 Information Box for GeoJSON data

🗸 Measure linear and Area Distance

🗸 Geolocation & Coordinate Widget

🗸 Go to Lat Long Coordinates (Move the Map)

🗸 Placemarks (spatial bookmarks)

🗸 View Spot Elevation

🗸 Display Military Symbology (App6/MilSpec2525C)

🗸 Display Location in MGRS – Military Grid Reference System

🗸 Radius Ruler/Range Rings

🗸 Coordinate Converter to/from many formats and Grids (MGRS & GARS)

Coming Soon:

GPKG Vector Features & ESRI Mobile Geodatabase SQLite database formats


in-app Vector Data Conversion with support for ESRI FileGDB, ESRI PersonalGDB, ESRI Shapefile, KML, GPX, MapInfo Tab, and other formats to GeoJSON


COG -GeoTIFF Raster Imagery

OGC 3D Tiles (Batched b3dm, Instanced i3dm, Point Cloud PNTS)


3D Model – GLB – GL Binary Transmission Binary Format & in-app 3D Model Converter

Support for Offline Data:


MBTILES Vector Tiles & Raster Tiles & Elevation/Terrain Tiles

MBTILES Vector Tiles

MBTILES Vector Tiles & Raster Tiles & Elevation/Terrain Tiles


OGC GPKG -GeoPackage Raster Tiles 3857 only


OpenMapTiles/MapTiler Data equivalent OSM vector tiles Styles/basemaps

Support for Online Map Data:

🗸 Raster Tile Basemaps and Vector Tile Basemaps



🗸 ESRI MapServer

🗸 ESRI ImageServer as WMS

🗸 ESRI FeatureServer

🗸 ESRI VectorTileServer

🗸 Raster Tiles (XYZ and OGC WMTS)

🗸 PBF Vector Tiles with stylesheet

🗸 Online hosted GeoJSON

🗸 Online hosted 3D Models glb

🗸 Online hosted OGC 3DTILES

Coming Soon


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