Custom Versions

Tech Maven Geospatial is open to white labeling Map Data Explorer, Selling Source Code as well as building custom versions to suit your specific requirements, workflows, data, and integrations

We can build a custom app that tracks assignments

Pairs the app with a back-end dashboard to track progress and show data status and a Data Reviewing screen to approve data or handle conflicts (data conflation).

We can support live location tracking, and geofencing via Traccar Server and can customize this with notifications and alerts and other capabilities.

We can work on integration with your work management system, asset management system, and other enterprise applications and databases.

If you require more complex forms with subforms and conditional logic and additional data types that are not a problem

As well as related tables.

Want to store photos and videos inside SQLite blob we can do that

Want to set up webhooks to be notified of certain conditions or data we can set up those integrations.

Need to support other output formats? We can write to any GDAL-supported format or add other libraries to meet your specific requirements.  Need to sync to a special database or API that’s something we can definitely integrate with.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation  

Mobile Mapping Development Framework

Flutter Mobile App iOS and Android with native modules.

  • Over two years of continuous development
  • Using MapBox GL JS in webview (with webserver and no CDN files)
  • Map Powered by Vector Tiles Basemap and Vector Tile Overlays and Vector Features and GeoJSON
  • Bi-directional communication between DART and JavaScript
  • All UX handled by Flutter Widgets
  • All Data Loading is handled via JS Functions as well as JSON catalog with catalog generator screen.


Ready for Offline DDIL (Denied, Disconnected, Intermittent, or Limited) Environments

  • In-app Map Tile Server -serves tiles inside SQLite databases (MBTILES and GPKG) as internal IP address XYZ URL to the map 
    • Vector Tiles
    • Raster Tiles
    • Terrain-Elevation Tiles support for both Mapzen terrarium PNG and MapBox Terrain-RGB PNG
  • GeoJSON with support for simple style spec and robust marker symbol library)
  • GeoPackage Vector Features as Dynamic PNG Raster Tiles with styling and other capabilities available in the NGA GeoPackage Native iOS and Android Library
  • In-App Vector Conversion powered by GDAL can convert any OGR-supported format (ESRI Shapefile, KML, GPX, ESRI FileGDB, ESRI PersonalGDB, MapInfo & others) to GeoJSON or GPKG vector features or MBTILES vector tiles.


Advantages of this approach – Can be very agile and take advantage of open source community for MapBox GL JS/MapLibre JS as well as MapBox continuous development and their samples. As needed can always dump the webview mapbox GL JS and replace with native mapping library and take advantage of the tile server and geopackage vector features rendering

Can easily integrate in other packages


Includes flexible form generator and data collection forms for Points (click map location or geolocation)


Ready to Go Data for your project

You can license access to our GeoRequest Area of Interest API or use the tile downloader to download dynamic and cached mapping services and tile layers as raster tiles mbtiles.


Capabilities available:

Add labels

View Spot Elevation

Modify the Opacity of vector tiles and raster tiles

Display Range Rings/Distance Rings

Expose SWIPE Tool


Measure Linear and area features & control measurement units (Feet, Meters, Miles, Nautical Miles)

Route Planning and Route Widget


Control the Map: Go To BBOX, Zoom and FlyTo & Set Placemark or Go to Placemark

Get from the Map BBOX and Zoom and Center Point Lat Long