Coming Soon (What’s Next ) Map Data Explorer

  • Styling UX for vector data and opacity controls for vector tiles and raster tiles
  • Search Module for Attribute Grid/Table and support for GeoJSON in attribute table
  • Pre-Configured Map Overlays
  • Pre-Configured Catalogs and search screen
  • Team Collaboration Module – TAK Server back-end for supporting BFT Team Tracking and location sharing and geofencing, secure encrypted messaging and data sharing and emergency
  • Video Module that works with RTSP Video Server
  • Sync Collected Data and GeoJSON Draw Data to ESRI GeoServices REST API and PostGIS Database
  • Defense and Intelligence Capabilities:

  • Team Collaboration Module (Via TAK Server)- BFT Team Tracking location sharing, data sharing, secure encrypted messaging, emergency

    • Enhancements to APP6/MilSpec2525C Module
    • Distance and Bearing Calculation
    • GRG Builder – Grid Reference Grid overlay
    • Image Overlay – Rough Rubbersheeting of image
    • Video Overlay
    • Terrain Slope analysis and route planning
    • Line of Sight and Viewshed Analysis


  • GLB (GLTF) 3D Models with ability to place model on the map + 3D Model Converter that will convert about 25 formats.
  • GIS SQLite databases GPKG Vector features and ESRI Mobile Geodatabase
  • In-app vector conversion
  • Support for Identify/Feature Info Requests for dynamic  mapping services
  • Support for Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFF Raster Imagery
  • Support for GPKG raster tiles in non 3857
  • Additional Styling/Rendering properties for local/offline GeoJSON and Vector Tiles

Geospatial Analysis:

Spatialite Native Module

  • Support for KNN Nearest Searching
  • Support for ST_Intersect
  • Support for ST_Contains, ST_Within
  • Distance and Bearing Calculations
  • Buffer and other spatial operations

Dynamic and Cached Mapping Services



🗸 ESRI MapServer 

🗸 ESRI ImageServer as WMS

🗸 ESRI FeatureServer

🗸 ESRI VectorTileServer

🗸 Online hosted 3D Models glb

🗸 Online hosted OGC 3DTILES

Additional Map Tools:

  • GRG – Grid Reference Graphic
  • Swipe/Split to compare
  • Distance and Bearing Calculation
  • Terrain Profile View Graph
  • Dynamic Hillshading
  • Submit Route and get Elevation