Release Notes

1.0 Initial Release Oct/Nov 2022

Full-Featured Initial Release

1.1 -December 2022
  • Numerous Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  • Re-organize the side navigation menu
  • Modify Edit Existing GeoJSON
  • GeoPackage Vector Features Attribute Grid/Table View
  • Support for MapZen Terrarium RGB Encoded PNG Elevation Tiles MBTILES offline
  • Offline in-app Vector Converter powered by GDAL


1.2 - Planned January 2023

Spatialite Module – Support GeoPackage Vector Features to GeoJSON and GeoJSON back to database

Form Improvements

Sync to PostGIS

Sync to ESRI FeatureServer GeoServices REST API


2nd Non Map Widget Screen (EPUB Viewer, PDF Viewer, Web Page Viewer, Note/Rich Text and Office Documents)

Styling of Vector Data including 2.5D Fill Extrusion for GeoJSON and MBTILES Vector Tiles

1.3 0 Planned March 2023

Additional Spatialite Module enhancements/new features 

Form Improvements

Reports Module

Support for WMS and WMTS raster tilie downloading