Release Notes

1.0 Initial Release Oct/Nov 2022

Full-Featured Initial Release

1.1 -December 2022
  • Numerous Bug Fixes and useability improvements
  • Navigation Menu Fixes
  • Support for offline MapZen Terrarium PNG format MBTILES
  • Support for loading and editing GeoJSON for editing
  • Support for viewing attribute table of SQLite GPKG Vector Features
  • Replace web view client-side javascript in-app vector converter with GDAL-based converter
  • Purchase Added for the app after 7 days Unlock.
1.2 Planned for Early September 2023
  • Numerous Bug Fixes and useability improvements
  • Added Button links to TMG Map Data Explorer website for all in-app purchase screen
  • OGC GPKG GeoPackage Vector Features as Dynamic PNG Raster Tiles with Symbology (labels coming in 1.3) and popups
  • Serve OGC GPKG -GeoPackage with Vector Tiles new OGC extensions 
  • Support for any SRS for raster tiles in GPKG (tested with 3857 and 3395)
  • Support for any SRS for Vector Tiles in GPKG (tested with 3857 and 3395)
  • Real-Time Data Module (Network Link KML and Internet KML, ESRI GeoServices REST API and GeoRSS) display on the map and update at set frequency
  • Button to view attributes from GPKG Vector Features
  • 2nd Non Map View – Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), PDF Viewer, EPUB Viewer, User links web pages and File Manager
  • User loaded GeoJSON support for simple style spec and Marker Symbols
  • ESRI GeoServices REST API (FeatureServer) in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise Sync – download GeoJSON and Synchronize edited GeoJSON.
1.3 Planned for November 2023

Spatialite Module Spatial Analysis capabilities – KNN Nearest, buffer, Distance and Bearing, ST_Intersect, ST_Contains or Within, etc

Form Improvements

Reports Module

Support for WMS and WMTS raster tile downloading

Support for WFS and OGC API Features Downloading